The pros and cons of adopting a Husky in Miami.

When it comes to dogs, the phrase “Love at first sight” was created for the husky dog. Their joyful demeanor, captivating glacial blue eyes, and wolf-like appearance cause people to fall head over heels in love with them. You have probably watched one too many movies with a Husky in them, and are now thinking about adopting a dog from this breed. But, what about adopting a Husky in Miami?

Yes, despite their beauty, Huskies also end up abandoned in shelters because they can be a little handful. We are not trying to turn you against adopting a Husky in Miami, but knowledge is power. So, why not take a look at the following pros and cons to decide whether you are ready to adopt a Husky or not:

Pros of Adopting a Husky in Miami

They Are Playful

Huskies have a lot of stamina, which makes them playful. They enjoy going outdoors; so, if you want a partner for biking, camping, hiking, or running, this is the dog you need. Make sure to buy a cart. A Husky won’t mind a bit pulling you around.

They Don’t Have a Large Appetite

Feeding a dog can be expensive. However, when it comes to a Husky, they don’t require much food to survive. This doesn’t mean they will pass on a meal. However, their food intake is minimal compared to other dog breeds. However, make sure you give them a balanced diet rich in fat and protein.

They Clean Themselves and Are Odorless

Yes, your Husky won’t smell like a dog, which is what most dog owners complain about! Like cats, Huskies lick themselves to keep their fur neat and clean, which is why they don’t smell.

They Love the Free-Spirited Life

Clingy dogs can go into depression if they don’t receive proper stimulation, care, and attention from their owner. That’s not the case with a Husky, as they tend to find work to do on their own to keep themselves occupied. As a pup or adult, your Husky will be playful and goofy, but as he grows old, he will become more dignified.

They Are Very Smart

Okay, so this is a pro and a con. You will need to train your Husky, or they will get bored and find their own job to do. Don’t worry though, Huskies are smart and trainable. You will need to find what motivates them though.

Cons of Adopting A Husky in Miami

They Often Pull the Houdini Act

The desire of a Husky to explore the word is never-ending. A Husky has been dubbed the “Escape Artist” because they tend to squeeze out through the smallest spaces and go on their merry way. If you have a hectic job, leaving your Husky in the house can turn into a search mission every day.

They Shed… A Lot

Miami doesn’t really have a change of seasons, but your Husky will still shed a lot. You will find massive amounts of fur around the house: on your couch, pillows, clothes, etc. You will need to send your dog to the groomer to get his fur combed professionally to minimize the fur load. Plus, you will also have to keep an eye on him in the house. Because Huskies were bred for cold weather, adopting a Husky in Miami requires you to lower the temperature in your house, so your Husky stays cool.

They Like to Dig

Huskies have the predatory instinct to dig and find their food. This dates back to the time when they were snow dogs. So, be prepared to find holes in your background, and no amount of scolding will stop them from doing it.

So, what’s the verdict? Now that you know the good and the bad about adopting a Husky in Miami, you can make an informed decision. As for training your Husky, visit the website Dances with Dogs. They provide both in-person and online dog training. To know more about their services or to schedule an appointment, call 786-299-1552.