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Should You Learn Pet First Aid/CPR?

  Would you know what to do if your dog collapsed while you were out on a hike? What about if they injured a paw or broke a leg? Would you know what to do if their heart stopped or they stopped breathing? While we hope we will never have to find out what our...

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How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How much exercise does my dog need?” First of all, kudos to being a good dog owner! Looking for enrichment ideas for them will ensure that they remain your companion for a long time. Now, as to the answer to your question ― a...

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Is Your Dog’s Behavior Nature or Nurture?

You are probably wondering what nature and nurture have to do with your dog. It has everything to do with your dog’s behavior. Do dogs behave according to their instincts or do they learn behavior? According to a study by American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation,...

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Resource Guarding in Dogs

Does your dog guard items, also known as resources? Has this ever happened? You tried to take your dog’s toy, and he curled his lip at you, or you accidentally bumped into him while he was eating, and he growled at you. These are all classic signs of resource...

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The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month. Everyone loves puppies. We get it. You love puppies, I love puppies. Your neighbor just got a puppy, and now you want one too. Once you get the puppy fever, it’s impossible to get out of it without visiting the animal shelter....

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Pet Diabetes Awareness

November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month By now, you have probably seen dozens of videos of chunky pets throwing a tantrum when they are not given the treats they want. While those videos are funny, they hold a deep message: pets are also affected by different health...

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