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Giving Your Dog a Choice

Giving your dog a choice will build trust. Have you ever tried getting into the car with your pup, only to notice their body language suddenly shifts as you get closer to the door? Maybe their tail is tucked between their legs, or they look for safety by hiding behind...

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Dog Training Myths: Debunked!

  1. My dog looks “guilty” when he does something wrong. By saying our dog looks “guilty,” we are projecting human traits onto an animal. While there can be a change in their appearance, it is not guilt that they are portraying. Pinning their ears back, showing...

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Cats vs Dogs: Who is Smarter?

Do you share your life with a dog, a cat or both? When it comes to who is smarter, who do you think wins the cats vs dogs debate? How Do We Measure Intelligence? It can be difficult to measure the intelligence of animals, since they can’t sit down to take a...

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My Dog Has Dry Skin. What Should I Do?

  If your dog has dry skin, understand that dogs get dry and itchy skin like people. Unsurprisingly, most of the causes are the same too. You don’t need to panic, because a skin problem, such as this, is likely nothing but minor discomfort, rather than something...

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Scottish Fold

Someday, cats might take over the world. Well, that’s what people say when their cat plays Jedi mind tricks on them to do their bidding. This myth isn’t far from the truth, because there are cat breeds with a high IQ that are fast learners. Take the Scottish Fold as...

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Why German Shepherds Are So Clingy?

My German Shepherd Won’t Leave Me Alone. Why? You go out to get the mail and hear the pitter-patter of your German Shepherd’s feet following you. You go to the bathroom, and your German Shepherd stands behind the closed door and cries for you. Even getting a drink...

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