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Dog Walking Tips – Making Their Stroll More Enjoyable

A dog is a human’s best friend. They make excellent playmates and are ever-motivating exercise partners. What the heck… they are the BEST! Period. When you are sad, your dog immediately catches on to your emotions and tries to comfort you in whatever manner they can....

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Cue vs Command: Change Your Relationship with Your Dog

I hear this so often "my dog won't obey my commands". Change your mindset and you will change your relationship with your dog. Start by changing your command to cues. Let's just look at the two definitions. Think about how each one makes you feel. Cue: A sign or a...

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A Checklist for Your New Rescue Dog or Puppy

Congratulations on your new puppy! Now you need to know what to get for them. Below is a great new dog or puppy checklist. We do not need to tell you how tough the road ahead is, but it surely is going to be fun with games of fetch, lots of face licking, goofy smiles,...

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Why Baby Gates Are Useful When You Have a Puppy

You are having a small get together at your house. Sensing all the excitement, your puppy is doing their best to help you in whatever way they can. From pushing the table into a corner with their paws to dragging the carpet from the bedroom to the living room… it’s...

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Maintaining the Health of Your Labrador Retriever

Is your Labrador Retriever a little...overweight? Before you start panicking and put them on a diet, there’s something you need to know about your dog. Labrador Retrievers are predisposed to weight gain due to their food-seeking behavior. The fact that they can be...

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Nipping Behavior – Dog Bite Safety Tips

    Dogs are generally quite gentle and friendly. They can protect their companions with fierce passion. You take a step toward them, and if you seem even the slightest bit threatening, the dog may attack. Just like you, dogs don’t like to be interrupted...

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