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Puppy Crate Training

Puppy crate training is not cruel, in fact a crate can be useful in various situations, such as house training, a place to settle, travel, trips to the veterinarian or groomer. Here are some tips to make your puppy crate training successful. Make it Comfortable Your...

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Potty Training Your Puppy

Getting a puppy is very exciting, but there are a few things that are not so much fun. One of those is potty training your puppy. Here are a few things that will help you and your puppy get potty training right: Prevent Puppy Potty Accidents Supervise your puppy while...

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Dog Summer Safety Tips from a Miami Dog Trainer

Long, sun-soaked mornings and blue skies greet us every day this summer. The heat is unbearable, and all you can think about is quenching your thirst with a cool lemonade while sitting in a chilled room. At least, you can do all this without having to rely on anyone....

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Dog Trainer in Miami: Pupsicles Recipes

Looking for a tasty treat for your dog? How about something sweet, savory, and cold? We are talking about a Pupsicles (you can leave out the Popsicle sticks) that your dog will love! They are small, contain few calories, and can be made in just a few minutes. The only...

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Help Your Dog Relax With These 3 Activities

Do you want to help your dog relax? Does your dog have a hard time settling down in the house? Do they chew furniture, tear up the carpet, or pull the leaves off your house plants? Or do you have a dog who is nervous around loud noises like fireworks, thunder, or even...

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Dog Park Alternatives

You may have read our previous blog post about things to consider before visiting a dog park. If you have found that dog parks are not a good fit for you and your four-legged friend, don’t worry – we have you covered with other activities that will give you that...

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