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Dogs don’t naturally come with good manners! Pulling on leash, jumping up, not listening can leave you feeling frustrated. Your dog should be a source of joy, not irritation. We have a variety of training options to help you get back to enjoying your dog. 

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Having a leash reactive dog, who barks and lunges while out on a walk, is frustrating and embarrassing. We can help. If there are resource guarding issues, we can help. If you are looking for help with loose leash walking or polite greetings, we can help. We offer customized problem solving for most unwanted behaviors.

Kendall, FL dog and pet sitter


Sharing your life with a dog who suffers from separation related distress is hard for everyone. Your neighbors complain about the barking and howling. Your dog is destructive when left alone. You come home to a mess. Our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer knows what you are going through.

Kendall, FL dog and pet sitter


Do have a dog? Are you expecting? Do you have a toddler? Maybe your kids are a bit older and you are looking for a way to juggle it all. We offer a wide range of services from setting everyone up for success when expecting, to keeping little ones safe around the family dog.

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Dog walks are more than just exercise and a potty break. We reinforce good manners and help your dog engage with their environment for a truly enriching experience. They’ll get home tired and relaxed, for better behavior and an overall healthier dog, inside and out.

Kendall, FL dog and pet sitter


Your pet gets to stay safe and comfortable at home when you’re out of town. We visit each day to make sure your pet is fed and cuddled while you’re away. Our services are personalized to meet all of your pets’ unique needs.                

Dances With Dogs helps you and your pets enjoy the dance of life together.

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Dances With Dogs has been providing trusted professional pet care services in the Miami area since 2002. We specialize in force-free dog training – this means that our methods are dog-friendly and keep your dog engaged and having fun. Our modern, humane techniques cross over into every area of care because eliminating stress is our mission.

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