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Meet Katie Casell, owner of Dances With Dogs

About Dances With Dogs

Dances With Dogs has been providing professional pet care services in your neighborhood since 2002. Our outstanding standards of service and devotion to humane, force-free care has earned us an excellent reputation with our clients in the Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Kendall, Florida area.

Meet Dances With Dogs founder Katie Casell and her dog Briscoe

Kate Casell, CDTK, FFCP, CPPS founded Dances with Dogs in 2002. She was inspired by her dog Rocky, after she was unable to enjoy her vacation knowing that he was having a stressful weekend at his boarding kennel – full of unfamiliar dogs and none of the comforting smells and sounds of home.

After some research, she discovered her calling – providing in-home pet sitting services so your pets get to stick to their routines and sleep in their own beds while you enjoy your time away.

Since 2002, the Miami area has relied on Katie for her unmatched standard of care. Her lifelong love of animals kick-started her gift for caring for pets of all kinds – from mice, do, s and cats to ponies and horses.

Since opening Dances with Dogs, Katie has expanded her knowledge and available services by becoming a Certified Dog Trainer, Certified Professional Pet Sitter, Certified Fear Free professional, with a certification in Disaster Training for Pets.

Through the years, she has grown her team of pet sitters, ensuring consistently reliable, detail-oriented service by conducting extensive background checks and training them to provide positive, fear-free care practices. You’ll meet your dedicated pet sitter at your FREE Meet-N-Greet.