Designed to help keep your children safe!

Together, we can prevent dog bites.

A bite is every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Dog bites are incredibly common, with more than 800,000 people receiving medical attention for them each year. Around half of bite victims are children, and those aged 2-9 are the most likely to get bitten.

Unfortunately, about half of children will be bitten by a dog at least once before age 12. Dogs are our friends, and they do not want to bite us. Attacks happen when a dog feels they have no other choice. We believe that early education is key to preventing bites.

Dances with Dogs collaborates with schools and organizations like Girl Scouts to provide fun, informative Dog Bite Prevention “Be A Tree” programs.

In our programs, we teach kids and adults how to recognize when a dog is trying to communicate that they are scared through their body language. You will learn how to identify when a bite is about to happen, and how to prevent it. Kids learn to stay calm around strange dogs through our fun, memorable “Be A Tree” activity.

A majority of dog bites on children occur on the face, head, and neck – often when a child goes in for a hug or kiss, not realizing these displays of affection can be scary to some dogs. We teach kids appropriate ways to show affection and respect a dog’s space while they are eating and sleeping.

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