Cat Sitting

In Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and Kendall

When you’re not home, your pet’s world turns upside down

Professional in-home cat sitting is the best way to stick to familiar routines and ensure your pet gets one-on-one attention, mental stimulation, and playtime . . . with love from our exceptional pet care providers. We a Fear Free Certified. Our certified staff works to ensure your cat feels safe and comfortable, without fear, anxiety or stress.

Cat Sitting

One of our fastest growing services is cat sitting. This service works great for people that work long hours and for people that are out of town. So whether our clients need to leave town on business or if they’re enjoying vacation, our cat sitting services allow our clients to leave their worries behind.

We ensure that each day the cats have plenty of food and water, litter boxes are scooped and the cats get plenty of love and purr with happiness.

We service Miami including Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Kendall and Cutler Bay. Contact us for more information on our cat sitting services.

Your sitter will always be accessible via call, email or text through our scheduling software. We will update you each day so you never have to wonder how your pet is doing.

Have a pet with special needs?

We’ll administer medications on time so your pet never misses a dose.

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