When it feels like you and your dog are not on the same page, or even the same planet, it’s deeply frustrating, not to mention embarrassing. If you’re struggling to understand why bad behavior is happening, we can help.


Some behavior issues we can address:

Fear and anxiety

Barking, lunging

Growling or snapping

Guarding food or other objects

Aggression toward people or other dogs

Destructive behavior

How we can help:

  • Provide relief from the embarrassment of your dog’s poor leash manners or aggressive behavior on leash. 
  • Help with dog reactivity issues; when your dog overreacts to situations you encounter. 
  • Give you confidence handling your dog in a variety of circumstances. 
  • Teaching your dog a different way to handle life.

What we teach: 

  • Problem-solving to change bad habits like resource guarding, excessive barking, jumping, lunging while on leash.  
  • Strategies to help your dog learn what to do in situations where they typically over react. 
  • Basic manners as a foundation to overall better behavior.

Let’s get started with a consultation

We’ll meet and talk about your goals, what challenges you’re having, and provide tips for immediate relief from undesirable behaviors. Then we’ll talk about which training option will be the best for you.

60 minute in-depth consultation (in-home or via virtual session) $225.

Due to the nature of behavior issues, we will create a custom package for you. 

Behavior change takes time. We must work at your dog’s pace, taking into account their prior learning history, the environment they live in, their genetics and their health.

Our session packages are the perfect way to buy multiple sessions at a discounted rate.

8 one-hour sessions $1715
12 one-hour sessions $2515

Single session rate $225

***Parking costs are not included in our pricing and will be added to your invoice.

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