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How to Find the Right Trainer for Your Furry Friend

There’s a huge difference between positive reinforcement dog training and balanced dog training. The former method is all about teaching your dog tricks, manners, and behavior through positive reinforcement, and the latter uses aversive methods and/or punishments for...

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Territorial Behavior in Cats

If you have multiple cats in your house, we are pretty sure you’re familiar with the usual squabble. It feels like two toddlers fighting and pushing each other over the last treat. Cats can be territorial. Have you ever wondered why your cats are fighting? Of course,...

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Solving Litter Box Problems

Is your cat avoiding their litter box? Have you ever looked into the eyes of your cat and thought, “He’s going to take over the world?” What about that video where a woman hilariously documents how she thinks her kittens are trying to kill her? Cats don’t seem to...

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Should You Learn Pet First Aid/CPR?

  Would you know what to do if your dog collapsed while you were out on a hike? What about if they injured a paw or broke a leg? Would you know what to do if their heart stopped or they stopped breathing? While we hope we will never have to find out what our...

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How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How much exercise does my dog need?” First of all, kudos to being a good dog owner! Looking for enrichment ideas for them will ensure that they remain your companion for a long time. Now, as to the answer to your question ― a...

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Is Your Dog’s Behavior Nature or Nurture?

You are probably wondering what nature and nurture have to do with your dog. It has everything to do with your dog’s behavior. Do dogs behave according to their instincts or do they learn behavior? According to a study by American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation,...

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