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Addressing Fearful or Nervous Dogs Through Enrichment

Training a fearful or nervous dog can become very tricky. When your dog is in a state of fear, they go into fight, flight, fidget or freeze mode. These emotional responses can be intense, resulting in biting or scratching, running off into dangerous areas, or shutting...

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Is My Dog Dominant?

We see it on TV, our friends and family tell us “Your dog is trying to dominate you!”, “You need to be the Alpha, the pack leader!” No, no you don’t. Your dog is not dominant. That is not a thing in the dog world. It is a thing in the human world, which is why it...

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What You Can Do To Stop Your Counter Surfing Dog

Can you trust your dog in the kitchen? Even when your back is turned? If you answered no, your dog has probably been rewarded for counter surfing. Counter-surfing is what we say when a dog jumps up onto counters or tables in search of food. Larger dogs might be able...

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Why Physical Exercise Alone Won’t Tire Your Dog Out

You got up early, before it became too warm, and took your dog on a 45-minute run through the neighborhood. That should tire your dog out for several hours while you try to get some work done. But 30-minutes later, your dog is ready to go, bringing you his favorite...

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Moving With Your Dog: Tips and Hints

Moving with your dog can be very tricky. Whether you are shifting into a new nearby neighborhood or across the country, your dog feels the same way you do: scared and stressed. Since we all know that routine keeps dogs grounded, it's important to keep the same...

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Puppy Proofing Your Home

Having a puppy in your home is a big responsibility. It is almost like having an agile toddler roaming around the house: they stick things in their mouth and make large messes. You can minimize these behaviors, which will help encourage good behavior from your pet....

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