You can crate train your adult dog.

Can you crate train an adult dog? For most adult dogs, yes. If your dog suffers from separation related distress, sometimes referred to as separation anxiety, then most likely no.

Why You Should Crate Train Your Adult Dog

While a crate can be used for house training, it has so many other applications, including settling, travel, management, alone time and when your dog is sick or injured. A crate can speed up the house training by teaching your dog to hold it when she needs to go the bathroom. Most importantly, a crate teaches your dog to hold it when he needs to go to the bathroom. A crate can help you and your dog in so many ways.

Isn’t Crating and Adult Dog Cruel?

Absolutely not. Your dog’s crate should be one of their favorite places, just like your bedroom is to you. By using encouragement, toys, treats, and praise, you will help your dog love her crate.

Your dog’s crate should never be used as punishment, and should never be used for more than 3-4 hours, unless it’s bedtime.

Getting Your Adult Dog Used to The Crate

Step 1. Begin crate training immediately—preferably the first day you bring your dog home..

Step 2. Throw small yummy treats into the crate one at a time. Praise your dog when she enters to get the treat.

Step 3. When your dog is happily going into the crate, try closing the door for 1-2 seconds, treating her through the door. Let her come back out. Repeat this step several times, gradually building to 10-15 seconds.

Step 4. Stuff a Kong or Toppl with something yummy, or use a long lasting chew like your dog’s favorite bone. Put the yummy long lasting treats in the crate. Shut the door. Move around your house as you normally would. Wait 5 minutes and then let your dog our of her crate, after she has finished her treat.Don’t make a big deal over her. Repeat this step many times, vary the length of your absences from 1 to 30 minutes.

Step 5. Your next step will be to leave your dog in her crate with her long lasting chew, while you leave to do things like water the plants or check the mail. Build up the length of your absences gradually.

Pro Tips For Crate Training Your Adult Dog

Get your dog out for a potty break and some exercise before you crate her, especially if she will be crated for more than an hour.

If you are trying to potty train your dog and she is having accidents in her crate, make sure she has had a potty break before crating. You might also want to remove any bedding.

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