Are you considering Persian cat adoption?

Are you considering Persian cat adoption? If you are searching for a low-maintenance kitty, but want to keep her high-maintenance looks, pick me. Firstly: I am the world’s most beautiful kitty, but I don’t wake up looking well-groomed. I shed… A LOT! My lustrous locks need to be combed daily.

I am sweet-tempered and easy going, but I prefer homes where things are calm. I have a chill attitude, and that’s how I like my surroundings. I have been referred to as the Flower Child of Felines. I am affectionate and loyal, and you will be glad to know that I am not clingy. I love to lounge, but would prefer your warm lap instead.

There’s a rumor that I am lazy, but that’s not true. I am royalty, so when I pick a spot in the house to luxuriate, it becomes my throne. My soft melodic voice complements my elegant looks. I am not too chatty and talk with my eyes instead. You don’t need to take me for walks, I don’t have high energy. I prefer to play with interactive toys and my human.

I am glamorous and take the 4th position in the list of “Most Popular Cat Breeds.”

And that’s about it from my side. Let’s look at what my owners have to say about me:

Initial Cost

Since the Persian breed is rare, you will seldom find them up for adoption. You might have to approach a local or international breeder, which will cost you around $800. Factor in the special tools you will have to buy to ensure their fur stays unknotted and food, and you are looking at an initial cost of more than $1,000.


Since Persian cats have a serene temperament, they are easy to train. Keep in mind that Persian cats are indoor cats. So, the one thing you need to make sure is you are buying the right litter tray for them.


Persian cats are usually available in several colors, from white to shades of beiges and grays to tortoiseshell. If you are looking for an exotic color, you will have to wait, because people always pick such kitties first.

CFA Breed Registration

Your Persian cat won’t be considered a Persian cat until it is registered by the Cat Financer’s Association (CFA). Your Persian cat won’t be treated as one without the proper documents.

Grooming Requirements

Persian cats need to be brushed daily. Their undercoat knots easily, which is why it needs to be brushed regularly to avoid matting. This can be very painful for the cat, because the fur will then need to be removed. Use a double-sided brush to discover what stroke works best for you.


You need to bathe your Persian cat once a month. There are plenty of products available in stores, made especially for Persian cats. If your cat’s fur has a unique color, use a color-enhancer shampoo and conditioner for smooth brushing and shine.

So, are you ready to take on this responsibility? Visit your local shelter now to find out if they have a Persian cat.

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