Siamese Cat

Is a Siamese cat right for you?

Are you here because you are thinking about adopting a Siamese cat? Well, first of all ― let us say you should let that snow-white cat go to another family!

Siamese cats are pretty, and you might already know this after your recent visit to the shelter. Those blue eyes will drown you in an ocean of love. We believe their beauty casts a magic spell on people, which is why they can’t resist adopting this cat breed.

First, let’s briefly look at the history of this cat.

About Siamese Cats

Siamese cats, one of the oldest breeds of Oriental cats, originate from Thailand, previously known as Siam. The first mention of these cats appeared in a 14th century Thai manuscript. If you are wondering: Yes, this makes Siamese the oldest cat breed. These cats were treated like royalty, because back then, only the royals had them. It was believed that when a royal died, their soul would transfer into their cat, and the cat would live a long life in a temple. So, you better keep your Siamese contented, because he has the power to give you eternal life!

The question now is whether you should move ahead with your plan to adopt one or not.

Why not decide after weighing its pros and cons?

Here are the pros and cons of adopting a Siamese cat:


Siamese Cats are Active

Though Siamese cats love a calm environment, they like to play from time to time, more so than a common cat breed. So, you need to take some time to get yarn balls and play with your kitty.

They Get Attached to the Owner

The one thing you can count as a blessing is that your Siamese cat will be attached to you, so much so that when you are away, he will endure your absence in complete silence.

They Don’t Molt

The best thing about Siamese cats is they don’t molt. Since their fur is short, you won’t find much shedding on your couch. Just comb your cat once a week, and he will shine like a royal star.


It Meows A Lot

Siamese cats are very vocal. Unlike other cats, they will keep up a constant chatter with you. So, if you are looking for a docile cat, this is not the one for you.

It Can be Challenging to Train

Siamese cats are known for their intelligence. They pick up new skills quickly. However, you might encounter a moody cat because this breed has a mind of its own. You will need a qualified force-free cat trainer to start establishing positive habits so that your cat learns the proper manners from the start.

It Is Unforgiving

Yes, the cat you are about to adopt is unforgiving. He is likely to remember any harsh punishment you might give in the heat of the moment. So, we suggest you be compassionate with him.

So, what do you think: Are you ready to get a Siamese cat? Can you handle scheduled playtime to give your cat the proper stimulation? Otherwise, your cat can fall into depression? If yes, you better get that cat from the shelter now!

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