Black Cat Hiding under newspaper

Why is your cat afraid of cucumbers?

You are watching videos on YouTube and come across a playlist titled “Cucumbers Scaring Cats.” You click on the first video and are treated to a scene in which a man places a cucumber behind his cat stealthily. He then enjoys the show as the cat slowly turns and leaps into the air in fright.

The video makes you laugh, but should you be laughing? “Why do cats get scared of the cucumber?”

And this is why you probably read this blog post, looking for answers.

Here’s the answer to your question:

Cucumbers Remind Cats of Snakes

A cucumber appears like a snake to cats, which is why they are afraid of it. However, cats are not merely scared of cucumbers, but also other elongated fruits! The reason behind this fear is that cats are genetically wired to avoid snakes. It’s their animal instinct, and when they come across something that resembles a snake, they jump in fear and run away.

However, this is not the only reason why your cat got scared after noticing the cucumber. Not all cats are afraid of cucumbers. They will bat at it and push the offending vegetable away, but they won’t jump up in fear.


The Unexplained Cucumber Frightened Them

Could it be? Did your cat get scared because this thing appeared out of nowhere? Imagine looking for someone and being approached from behind when you least expect it, and when you have let your guard down. You will either scream or whip around real fast in fear. That’s your natural response.

Intruder Alert

If you played this prank while your cat was eating, your cat’s response would be to raise his head and hiss because he would consider the cucumber an intruder. To the cat, the cucumber is likely to steal their food.

So, there you have it ― some reasons for your cat being afraid of cucumber.

Experts advise not to frighten cats with this prank, as it can cause them immense stress. Even if done once, fear can set and lead to anxiety, which could lead to health problems later. If your cat is genuinely afraid of cucumbers and you discovered this by mistake, how about training them to let go of this fear?

The best way to do this is desensitize them to cucumbers and other similar items. You should only do this with the help of a professional, force-free, cat trainer.

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