Every day I am out walking dogs and every day I see piles left by dog owners who don’t pick up after their dog. I get it! Sticking my hand in a bag so I can pick up a warm pile of dog poop is not exactly on the top 10 list of my most favorite things. But what are the consequences of not picking up after your dog? Well, there are many. Here are just a few of the things that dog poop can contain:

    • E-Coli


    • Salmonella


    • Parvovirus


    • Roundworms


    • Tapeworms


  • Cryptosporidium

Here are some other problems that dog waste can cause:

    • Excess nitrogen in the water. This depletes the oxygen in the water in which fish, grasses, and wildlife rely (According to the Virginia Department of Conservation) on.


    • It smells. Let’s face it dog poop stinks!


  • Have you ever stepped in dog poop? That right there should be enough to encourage you to pick up after your pet.

What are the benefits of picking up after your dog?

    • You will have happy neighbors.


    • No fines. Picking up after your pup is the law.


  • No smelly yard especially if you apply lime which will help stop odors.

So enjoy your walks with your dog, but pick up after him/her to keep peace in the neighborhood and keep your fellow walkers happy.