Jogger running with two dogs

Running with your dog can be fun for both of you.

If you want to run with your dog you should take a few precautions before you get started:

Before You Start

1. Before you start a running program with your dog, make sure he or she is healthy enough for the endeavor. A trip to the vet should be first on your list before starting.
2. Once your pooch is cleared to start running, don’t take off on a 10-mile run. Just like people, dogs need to be conditioned. Start slow and build up your dog’s endurance.
3. Training is important. Your dog needs to learn how to run alongside you so that you can both enjoy the time together.
4. Not all dogs are meant to be runners. If your dog is older, short-snouted, or just too small to keep up, leave them at home when you go for your jog.
5. DO NOT run your dog if it’s hot outside. Dogs do not disburse heat the way we humans do. Keep some of these things in mind:
• Your dog’s temperature is already between 100-102 degrees.
• Small dogs are closer to the hot surface you are running on and can overheat easily.
• Overweight dogs are carrying extra fat that makes them hotter.
• Dark coated dogs or dogs with longer coats are going to struggle in the heat.
• Muscular dogs overheat easier.
• If you live in an area that is hot most of the year, skip the run and go for a nice walk instead.
6. Running on asphalt it tough on your dog’s joints, so find a nice trail.
7. Running on asphalt, sand or blacktop, when it’s hot outside can burn your dog’s paws.
8. Running on hard surfaces can rub your dog’s paws raw.
9. Take lots of breaks.
10. Bring plenty of water for both of you.
If you take precautions, you can have a great exercise buddy.

Don’t have time to get your dog out for some exercise? Ask us about getting your dog out for some exercise.