Even though we live in the Sunshine State, Florida has very tropical weather and rainy days. As a dog owner, you may be wondering what to do on rainy days in Miami with your pup. It can be frustrating to coax your dog outside to potty, take him for a walk, and then he may not love being dried off after he finally goes outside for a potty break! A Kendall pet sitter is aware of these issues while caring for your dog and has some solutions for rainy day dog fun.

Does your dog like being out in the rain?

If your dog doesn’t like the rain, it can be difficult to bring her out for a walk, let alone a quick potty break in the yard! Most dogs can and will hold it through the rain, but if it’s been raining for days, or there is a bad thunderstorm happening, your dog may not want to go out at all.

Here are some tips to have your dog enjoy going potty in the rain:

  1. Have a cue word for your dog to potty

Saying a cue word, such as, “Go potty,” can train your pup to go on command. Practicing this regularly, not just when it’s raining, will train your dog to go when it pours.

2. Reward the behavior immediately.

As soon as your dogs goes when it’s raining, give a treat immediately after he goes to the bathroom. This will train your dog to respond to the cue, because now the cue phrase, “Go potty,” means “Treat!”.

3. Cover up your dog if possible

If possible, cover up your dog with a doggie raincoat if he absolutely hates getting wet. Some dogs just don’t like the rain sound (especially when thunder is involved), but if the he doesn’t like the rain touching him, a coat may be the solution.

What NOT to do if it is raining and your dog refuses to go outside:

Do not force your dog to go out to go potty if she is scared or being stubborn. This will not work, and your dog will just become resentful and even more scared. Also, make sure that you give a treat AFTER your dog goes to the bathroom outside. Giving her treats before she goes potty will not train her to go on cue, and then get her treat. Cue, potty, treat in that order!

Does your dog like the rain? What have you done to get your dog to go out during a rainstorm?

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