Girl with her senior dog

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month.

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month.

Everyone loves puppies. We get it. You love puppies, I love puppies. Your neighbor just got a puppy, and now you want one too. Once you get the puppy fever, it’s impossible to get out of it without visiting the animal shelter.

There are simply so many choices between the younger pups, who are rambunctious, and the senior dogs sitting patiently and waiting for their match. If you have been a dog owner for a while, you know how much work puppies can be. Having a puppy is hard work! If you are looking for that unique and instant bond, we suggest you spend a few hours in the company of a senior dog. You may not need as much dog training.

Like a glass of fine wine, kisses of a senior dog are sweeter. Yes, a puppy is adorable, and an enthusiastic adult dog is a perfect companion, but for your mellow soul, why not give a senior the gift of a forever home?

Following are a few advantages of adopting a senior dog:

They May Already be House Trained

One of the best things about a senior door is that most of them are housetrained. They know where to potty and not to chew your belongings or trash the place when you are not around. All they need is a comfortable place to lie down, and when you return home, they will be content watching Netflix with you.

They Require Less Supervision

Not everyone is willing or equipped to take care of a ball of energy that we call a puppy. From mid-night bathroom breaks to the teething and house training stages, a puppy requires a lot of attention. On the other hand, a senior dog is an instant companion, a snuggle-buddy, and a silent but effective workout partner who remains by your side.

They Are Less Demanding

Rule #1 of adopting a dog is that you shouldn’t do it if you can’t give him or her time or spend money on him or her. Yes, a senior dog is less demanding than an energetic puppy. However, they require care and some sacrifices on your part. Like all dogs, they need their daily walks. Other than that, they are content to simply sit with you or nap.

You Get What You See

Dog owners often complain about getting duped into buying a medium-sized dog, who eventually grows to be enormous. This is why senior dogs have a paw up because you get what you see. These dogs are all grown up and won’t change in size anymore.

You Can Easily Train Them With New Tricks

Dogs of all ages can be trained. The difference between force-free dog training a puppy and a senior dog is that the latter has a longer attention span. He can sit still and listen to your cues attentively and patiently, while a puppy gets easily distracted.

So, have we convinced you to adopt a senior dog? Did we mention that senior dogs are more loving because as much as you need a companion, so do they! If you recently got a senior dog, visit the Dances with Dogs website for dog training in Miami. They provide in-person and online dog training classes. To know more about their services or to schedule an appointment, call on 786-299-1552.