When you hire a dog walking service, you’re looking for a company that loves pets, is licensed, bonded, and insured, and has an excellent rapport with your pets. The pet care company you hire to watch your pets while you’re on vacation needs to be trustworthy, experienced, and the sitter or sitters will send you daily updates on your pet’s well-being. You know that your pet sitting service does a fabulous job caring for your pets and home where you are away, and completely trust them with your pets and your home.

But, what if something happens to your pet? What if your dog has a medical condition? For instance, can your pet care company jump in and act quickly in case of an emergency?

In short, a Kendall dog walker or dog walking service should be able to assist should a pet-related emergency occurs when your pet is on their watch!

So, how can a dog walker help a dog (or other pet) if he needs medical care or something like chocking happens when a pet parent is out of town? There are a few ways a professional dog walker or pet sitter can spring into action and potentially save your pet’s life.

But how?

Three letters:


There are many things a pet care provider can learn at a pet first aid class that will help prevent situations from getting worse. These skills can be used BEFORE needing to go to the vet. CPR classes for pet owners and pet care providers are typically available through your local Red Cross. In addition, there are also privately operated CPR courses. Simply do a Google search for local pet CPR classes.

How A Kendall Dog Walker Can Use CPR Skills In Case Of An Emergency

• Steps to lower pets’ body temperature in case of heat stroke

• How to stop blood loss

• How to bandage a wound (existing or new) to stop infection.

• How to induce vomiting in the case of your pet ingesting a poison/toxin or food not safe for pets.

• How to stop your pet from choking.

• How to perform rescue breathing.

As a pet care provider, Dances With Dogs is committed to keeping your pets safe. With knowledge and skills from the Pet CPR class, we will be able to act quickly if needed. Most importantly, we are Pet First Aid and CPR certified for your pet’s protection.

Please contact us HERE to hire a Pet First Aid and CPR certified pet care company!