If you have a dog, you’ve more than likely had something in your home chewed. Maybe it was your favorite pair of sunglasses, or your new flip flops. Was it the corner of your antique coffee table? Whatever it is, or was, your dog had a reason for chewing your coveted item. No, it wasn’t because he doesn’t love you! There are many reasons for chewing (especially with puppies), and ways to stop your dog from chewing up any more of your things. Your Palmetto Bay dog trainer has plenty of information on chewing and how to stop it! Doesn’t it always seem like they chew our most favorite and expensive items? As much as we love them, dogs don’t seem to know that THOSE were our favorite flip flops!

How do I get my dog to stop chewing once and for all? I can’t keep replacing items! My bank account can’t keep up with my dog’s chewing habit!

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Before we tell you how to stop the chewing, let’s talk about why your dog is chewing in the first place. Here are a few reasons why a dog chews:


Teething (in puppies)

Separation anxiety


They don’t know that it’s “BAD” behavior

Remember that your dog isn’t chewing to make you mad, so please try to be patient while correcting this behavior.

Here’s how to get your dog to stop chewing:

Put Your Things Away

Seems simple enough, right? If you don’t leave your shoes, clothes, or other precious belongings within reach of your pup, he won’t be able to chew them! Put them up high enough or away in your closet or drawer where your dog will not be able to get his paws on your favorite sunglasses.

Exercise Your Dog

Boredom is one of the main reasons your dog is chewing up all your stuff. Getting your dog daily exercise is key to stopping the chewing. Breaking up the exercise throughout the day is very beneficial. Try doing 2-3 walks if you can’t do one longer one (especially here in Florida where it hot most of the year).

Give Your Dog Some Toys

Don’t expect your dog to know that your shoes aren’t toys if you haven’t taught him otherwise. Make sure you have some fun toys around for your dog to play with, and he will be distracted from chewing. Keep the toys away when your not playing, so your dog doesn’t ruin them!

You really want to distract and be proactive about training your dog not to chew. Exercise, give him his own toys, and never punish your dog for his behavior. Is your dog chewing? Contact us for dog training!