A Cat Lying on a Bed

You just adopted a beautiful calico cat from an animal shelter, and in three days, the playful kitty left a paw-print on your heart. You are absolutely and irrevocably in love with her, and the feeling is mutual… or so you thought.
A week in your house, and Samantha has turned into a ball of terror. She climbs the window blinds at night, jumps on your bed and lays on top of your head, constantly meows in your ear for you to wake up, and does just about every other horrid thing to disturb your sleep. It gets to a point where she will startle you awake at 3:00 AM and then won’t let you go back to sleep.
This naughty nighttime feline behavior is completely normal, so banish the thought from your mind that your feline partner is ill. We are highly against locking them in another room because this will probably up their antics.
First, let’s discuss why your cat is behaving this way, and then we will provide you with a few solutions:
Reasons Why Your Cat Is Waking You Up at Night
One of the biggest reasons your cat is a night prowler is because they don’t have a proper feeding schedule. You probably feed them twice a day and think you are done… but your cat isn’t. Back when they were on their own, they were accustomed to eating several small meals throughout the day and night. Less food means that their blood sugar is going haywire and hence the Daredevil behavior.

Following are a few more reasons your cat wakes you at night:

• They are not getting enough exercise or stimulation when they are awake during the day.

• They are left alone at home when you go to work. Bored without their hooman, they are looking for some companionship

• They are hungry.

• Their bedding has been disturbed.

Tips on How to Help Your Cat Sleep At Night

As mentioned earlier, we are completely against reprimanding. This is where behavior modification comes in, which you can work on with your cat through a force-free trainer. Here are the steps you can take:
Ignore Your Cat’s Antics at Night
If your cat wakes you up at night, gently remove them from your bed and go back to sleep. You will have to do this several times, and after some time, they will get the hint that you are not in a playful mood.
Feed Your Cat Before Bedtime
Give them a light snack before going to bed. This will keep their tummy full and stop them from disturbing you.
Schedule Playtime
A few hours before bedtime, have a good play session with your cat. This will fulfill their need for attention and enrichment. If they still wake you up at night, increase playtime until they are tired.
Make a Spare Bed in Your Bedroom
If it’s the companionship they want, then being in the same room with you might calm them down. Make sure that the kitty-corner you make for them has food and water. This will also help you establish a sleep schedule for your cat.
And this is how you train your cat without any force to change their nighttime behavior. If you have a busy schedule and can’t progress with these tips, opt for cat training.
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