Dog trainers are often asked about what types of leashes or harnesses are the best for dog walking. There are so many choices, and choosing the right leash honestly depends on the breed and type of dog. A dog trainer in Pinecrest, FL, will tell you that a retractable leash is definitely one to avoid.

Why are retractable leashes dangerous? Are they really that bad?

A retractable leash works like a pully system with your dog at the end of it. On a thin cord, with a handle, the retractable leash allows a dog to lead his owner on the walk, not the other way around. Therefore, dog owners who use retractable leashes are frustrated and get upset with their dog on dog walks. That’s no fun! So, why are retractable leashes so dangerous?

The dangers for the dog and the dog walker/dog owner are numerous. Injury to the dog and dog walker can occur more often when using a retractable leash versus a lead or harness.

Top Reasons Why Retractable Leashes Are Dangerous:

Retractable Leashes Break Easily

With an excited dog on the end, a retractable leash cord can snap easily, leaving your dog vulnerable to injury, running off, or worse. Since the handle is the only part of the leash that is holding it in place, a dog walker has little control over the leash itself, just the handle.

You Can Get Injured By The Handle And/Or Leash

If the dog is pulling on the leash (whether you have it locked or not), and so the risk of injury is high. Imagine he sees a squirrel and takes off after it, pulling so hard your arm or wrist is injured. There have even been instances of dogs pulling their owners or walkers down when using a retractable. The leash itself can cut your hand so badly, some people who use them have required medical care. They cause burns and even deep cuts.

Your Dog Can Get Injured Or Worse

For example, if the leash snaps, your dog could run away on the walk, or even get injured himself. It’s scary when a dog runs away, so using a harness or sturdy leash is key to keeping this from happening. Dogs can even get tangled in the leash, causing them to have twisted arms and/or ankles.

Do you use a retractable leash? What ahs been your experience? We are force-free and believe your dog should be safe and secure on a walk. Contact us here for dog training or dog walking!