Do you have a new puppy? Maybe you just adopted a dog from the shelter? Or, you may have had your dog for a while and he is chewing or displaying other destructive behaviors when you are out of the home. Whatever your situation is, a Cutler Bay dog trainer knows crate training for your pup is a great solution or prevention of certain behaviors.

Your dog’s crate is like his bedroom. Set it up with a blanket, a toy, and leave it open when crate training for him to go in when he wants. Most dogs will like their own space, and your dog will be happy to go to his crate when he is not being forced. We are a force-free dog training and dog walking company, so patience and positive reinforcement is key to correctly training your pup.

Here are 5 easy ways to crate train your dog so he actually wants to go into his crate:

Make The Crate His Safe Haven

Dogs will want to go into their crate when it is set up like a snuggly, safe bedroom. Put bed and blanket in the crate for him to lay on, and even give him his favorite toy when he is in the crate. It’s also a great idea to leave the crate door open for him to go into the crate when you are home. This allows your dog to feel comfortable in his new space.

Buy The Right Size Crate

A 50 pound dog needs a large or extra large crate, while a 10 pound dog will obviously need a small crate. A rule of thumb for the correct sized crate: The dog should be able to move around in a full circle while standing in the crate. Carriers are not enough space for a large dog, and even small dogs need to be able to move around in their space.

Never Force Your Dog Into The Crate

Force-free training is the only way to effectively crate train your dog. Never force your dog into a crate by grabbing, pushing, or pulling you dog into the crate. Use treats and toys o coax, along with a command word of your choice. Your number one priority is making your dog feel safe and secure going into his crate.

Do you crate your pups while you are at work or gone from the home? Contact us today for dog training and dog walking!