Creating Dog Friendly Spaces at Home

Creating Dog Friendly Spaces at Home.

Being a dog owner doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort in your home. With a little planning and creativity, you can create spaces that are both chic and dog-friendly! Here’s a guide to help you design a cozy, functional space that caters to your furry friend’s needs without compromising aesthetics.

1. Safe Spaces

Dogs, like humans, need a place to retreat and relax. Whether it’s a plush dog bed, a designated corner, or a crate, ensure your dog has a comfortable spot where they can unwind.

Tip: Opt for dog beds with removable covers – they’re easy to wash and keep clean!

2. Flooring Matters

Hardwood and tiles are easier to clean, but they can be cold and slippery for dog paws. Rugs and carpets provide warmth and traction.

Tip: Invest in washable rugs or those made from durable materials like sisal. They’re stylish, pet-friendly, and functional! There are lots of options for easily cleanable rugs here.

3. Toy Storage

Every dog has its favorite toys, but scattered toys can clutter your home. Use decorative baskets or stylish storage bins to store them.

Tip: Place the storage container at a height accessible to your dog, so they can pick or return toys at their leisure.

4. Feeding Station

Set up a dedicated feeding station away from high traffic areas. This gives your dog a calm space to eat and drink.

**Tip**: Non-slip place mats or trays under food and water bowls can help catch spills, making cleanup easier.

5. Durable Fabrics

Opt for furniture with pet-friendly fabrics like leather or tightly-woven materials. They’re more resistant to scratches and are easier to clean.

Tip: Invest in washable throw blankets. They can protect your sofa while providing a cozy spot for your pup.

6. Safe Play Zone

Consider a designated play zone, especially if you have an active dog or puppy. This area can be stocked with toys and play mats.

Tip: If space permits, a mini agility course can be both a decorative and functional addition!

7. Window Spots

Dogs love watching the world go by. Create a comfy window spot with cushions or a low bench.

Tip: Ensure windows are securely screened, especially if they’re open frequently.

8. Doggy Proofing

Just as you’d baby-proof a home, dog-proofing is essential. Secure trash cans, keep electrical cords out of reach, and ensure that no small objects can be swallowed.

Tip: Plants can add beauty to a home, but many are toxic to dogs. Always check if your plants are pet-safe. Read our blog on five plants that are toxic to pets.

9. Bathing Area

If you have the luxury of space, consider setting up a doggy bathing area in your mudroom or laundry. It’s especially handy for rainy days or after a fun-filled day at the park.

Tip: Handheld showerheads make the bathing process smoother!

10. Art & Decor

Celebrate your dog! Whether it’s a custom portrait, fun doggy quote prints, or stylish dog-themed decor, let your home reflect your love for your pup.

Creating a dog-friendly home is all about balance. It’s ensuring the environment is safe and comfortable for your pet while still being a space you love and are proud of. With these tips, you’ll have a home that’s truly fit for both human and hound!