Woman taking a picture with a dslr camera

Great pet pictures take creativity and patience.

We all love our pets but taking great pet pictures can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips for taking great pictures of your pets.

Adorable pug and cute cat lying together on sofa

Decide where you want to take your pet pictures and set the scene.

1. Set the Scene

Visualize what you want the picture to look like. Are you looking for a posed shot or something more candid? Do you want a picture of your dog lying in the green grass or on a comfy bed or sofa? Maybe you want a more candid shot of your pet playing with his or her favorite toy or friend. Think about it and set up your scene as much as you can. This will be easier to do if you are looking for indoor shots. 

Cute dog near window at home

Use the natural lighting from a window to get great pet pictures.

2. Light it Up

If you are looking to photograph your pet indoors make sure the room has plenty of light. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on additional lighting, you can bring in lamps from other rooms or you can purchase clamp lights fairly inexpensively at your local big box home improvement store. You can position your pet near a window making sure the light is in front of them and not behind them. 

Dalmatian dog head shot

Get your pet’s attention for great pet pictures

3. Attention Please! 

In order to get great pictures of your pets, you need to get your pet’s attention! For cats, it may be their favorite feather toy. For dogs, any toy with a squeaker usually works as long as they are not noise sensitive. It helps to have an assistant that can get the pet’s attention while you are taking your pet pictures. 

Grey cat playing with feather teaser toy

Using your pet’s favorite toy is a great way to get perfect pet pictures.

4. Get on Their Level

Try to at eye level with your pet. Try lying on the ground to get as close to their level as possible. Pet pictures taken at their level are much more interesting and natural. 

photographer taking a picture of her mixed breed brown dog

Patience is key for taking great pet pictures.

5. Take a Lot of Pictures

In order for you to get that perfect shot, you will probably have to take a lot of pictures. You can put your camera on burst shoot away. This is especially true if you are trying to get that candid shot while your pet is playing with their favorite toy or at the dog park.

Woman Taking Picture of Dog

Patience is required when taking pet pictures. So is having fun!

6. Patience

You are not going to get the perfect picture on the first click of the camera. Your pets are not always going to cooperate. There will be times when they just get up and walk away or walk up and put their wet nose all over your camera lens. But with patience, you will get some great pictures you will cherish forever. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and you will get great pet pictures.


Do you have a great pet photography tip? Please share it with us!