Why Should You Use A Force Free Dog Walker In Palmetto Bay, FL?

When you hire a professional dog walking service, you are hiring more than just a dog walker.

We understand dog walking safety, leash-handling, and other techniques that we use while walking and caring for your dog. To ensure the highest quality of care, a professional dog walker in Palmetto Bay will be force free. But, what does that even mean to a dog owner and what does that even mean for the dog?

Force free dog training incorporates the following techniques that we also use during our dog walks:

Force free, also known as positive reinforcement training, offers your dog something that is desirable, like a treat or praise, immediately when the desired behavior occurs.

Why is this so important?

The result is an increased likelihood of the dog doing that behavior again in the future. Think about it; when you were younger and got in trouble for a bad grade, how was that behavior modified? Were you grounded? Did you get your phone taken away? Or did your parents get you a tutor and give you an allowance raise when you raised your grades?

Positive reinforcement works, and that’s why as professional dog walkers and trainers, we use force free methods when working with clients’ dogs.

Palmetto Bay dog walker

Top 3 reasons why you should use a force free dog walker in Palmetto Bay:

It Builds A Strong Foundation Between You And Your Dog

A positive bond between you and your dog is so important. We offer force free walks and training to teach dog owners that you don’t have to use outdated methods of dog handling for your dog to learn he has done something “wrong”. Positive training gives your dog reinforcement that allows him to look forward to training with you.

Force Free Is A Very Calm Approach For Both Parties Involved

There is no hitting, choke chains, yanking, and/or yelling when we use positive reinforcement training. Our dog walks are about having a relaxed and fun time with your dog. If your dog is exhibiting behaviors such as pulling or reactive behavior, such as lunging at cars, we use proper methods to stop the behavior and then to reinforce the positive ( for example, treats when he sits as a car drives by). There is no shouting or reacting from us, and your dog will respond to our calm approach to reinforcing good behavior.

Your Dog Is Our Top Priority

We understand that pet owners have been using out-of-date training techniques for decades. A prime example of an old way of training a dog is rubbing his nose in his accident. This only causes him to want to go elsewhere in the home, further exacerbating the problem. Since we want what is best for your dog, we offer dog walking and midday potty breaks where we will use positive training to reinforce the good (going potty outside!) and get your dog on a regular potty schedule.

What types of training methods have you used with your dog? Do you use force free training?

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