We adopted a little toy poodle with a very sad and traumatic background. She was terrified of everything and wouldn’t stop whimpering at night. We had bought Calming Care, Rescue Remedy for Dogs, Adaptil and more, and nothing seemed to work. We didn’t know what else to do so we looked for a trainer and found Dances for Dogs on Thumbtack. We wrote them a long message with everything we were experiencing with our dog. Katie immediately replied with her phone number and we ended up having a long conversation. We immediately knew we were talking to an expert who had training in animal behavior so we decided to schedule a session. Katie was SO patient with us and with our little anxious dog. She taught us about body language and gave us a lot of helpful ideas and information to make our dog feel more comfortable. We liked Katie so much that we ended purchasing a package. With time, patience, and practice, our dog became more calm, extremely social with other dogs, less anxious around other people, and finally slept through the night. Katie also taught us about basic commands, gave us ideas about puzzle toys and other ways to keep her mind engaged in something else other than her anxiety. Our dog is doing so much better now and we have to thank Katie for a lot of her progress. We totally recommend her! –AE