Spring is a beautiful season in Florida, with cool nights and not-so-hot days. Dog owners love getting out with their pups for walks this time of year, and most people are also doing Spring cleaning and gardening. But, these innocent activities can be harmful to your dogs!

Luckily, this Kendall dog walking service has put together a list of our top safety tips for dogs this Spring.

Kendall dog walking

Windows and Screens

Many dog parents will open the windows at night or on cooler days for some fresh air. Dogs can jump out if they see something or hear a noise. Make sure to keep your front door closed tight if you have a storm door with a screen. Dogs can even break through screens, so sure to install snug and sturdy screens in all of your windows.

Car Rides

Allowing dogs to ride in the beds of pick-up trucks or stick their heads out of moving-car windows is downright dangerous. One fast turn, or slamming on the breaks, and your dog could go flying out of the car or truck bed. Please secure your dog in the inside of your vehicle to prevent him from becoming a flying object in the event of a crash or sudden breaking.

Spring Cleaning

When you get ready to clean your home this Spring, lock up the products you use in a safe cabinet. Dogs and cats can and will try to get into cabinets to sniff around! Dogs can chew open cleaning products and cats can tip them over in the cabinet or on the counter. Ingesting cleaning products is toxic for pets, so please lock up your cleaning supplies!

Home Repairs

Many home owners are fixing up their homes this Spring, and have tools, nails, and paint all over their homes. Pet parents need to be aware that tools and nails can lead to injury, and paint is toxic for pets. Keep pets out of the rooms you are working on, and put away any tools, nails, and paint when you are done for the day.

Kendall dog walking wishes your pet a safe Spring

Dog owners are out and about this time of year, enjoying the weather before it gets too hot in Florida. Hopefully with our tips, you and your pets will have a safe and happy Spring! Contact us today for dog walking in Kendall!