Use force-free training for a happier dog.

Are you training your dog using force-free methods or are you actually using punishment in your dog training?

We all have been guilty of snapping at our dogs or jerking their collar harshly to keep them moving. You might have let go of such habits, but they left an imprint on your dog. The reason you are having trouble training your dog is that you use fear and intimidation to get them in line.

These tactics will never work on them because dogs feel emotions as deeply as we do. It is time to change your training technique and work with a dog trainer to teach them obedience through kindness.

If you go online, you will come across several training techniques that use a combination of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment. Then there are suggestions to use clickers, shock collars, and various other devices to train your dog. If you are confused and don’t know where to begin then you have come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at the different dog training techniques and which one works better:

Balanced Training

Balanced training involves using both reinforcement and punishment. In this training technique, food is replaced with praise for a reward. For example, if the dog fails to obey a certain order, they either get a collar “correction”, a shock through their collar, sprayed with water or compressed air, or some other sort of positive punishment. If they obey the order, they are praised as a good dog.

As you can guess, this technique will not go well with your dog. It can make your dog rebellious, less friendly, and even aggressive. They might bite the hand of a friendly person because they assume it’s reaching out to punish them. In the long run, balanced training can scar the dog and build a deep distrust for all people including their owner. These dogs are not having fun at all, they might obey but only to avoid pain and discomfort!

Force-Free Training

As the name says, force-free training is exactly that. It’s a gentle method of teaching your dog good behavior and obedience. It uses positive reinforcement to train the dog. The reinforcement is usually a treat or toy, but it can be anything your dog finds rewarding. You can also reward them by taking them out for a walk or doing their favorite activity.

As for the latter, the owner uses actions such as walking away from the dog to let the dog know that they are exhibiting unwanted behavior.

Do you see the difference between these two? The consequences a dog faces in force-free training teaches them how to behave properly in a gentle and kind manner. On the other hand, balanced training instills fear and might even make the dog feel like they aren’t loved.

The true essence of force-free training lies in non-violent techniques, which is why it is the best training method for dogs. Dances with Dogs offers dog training in Miami for puppies, adults, and older dogs. They provide in-person, as well as online dog training classes. To know more about their services or to schedule an appointment, call on 786-299-1552.