There are some great dog park alternatives

You may have read our previous blog post about things to consider before visiting a dog park. If you have found that dog parks are not a good fit for you and your four-legged friend, don’t worry – we have you covered with other activities that will give you that quality time and exercise with your dog. Here are 5 great dog park alternatives to heading to the dog park:

Take an unstructured walk

Many times, we’ll take our dogs out for about 15 minutes to get their daily “business” done, scoop it up, and return home. Consider spending more time on your walk, and allow your dog to take their time, sniffing and exploring areas they are interested in. Not only will this provide mental stimulation with new smells, sights, and sounds, but it will also help you build your relationship with your dog along with building their self-confidence. Be sure to bring along a water bottle and take breaks in shady areas when necessary.

Set up a puppy playdate

If you’re looking to have your dog play with their same species, organizing a puppy playdate would be a great idea. Talk to a trusted friend with a friendly dog to schedule a time to both introduce your best friends. Having one-on-one play dates can be easier to handle and less likely to overwhelm your pup. You and your friend can even work on some training while you are all together!

Backyard or in-house games

Believe it or not, there are ways to help give your dog outlets for their energy in your own home! Set up an obstacle course in the backyard and help guide your dog through using tasty treats and lots of enthusiasm. You can also scatter feed your dog in the grass to get them using that strong sense of smell. Indoors, you can play hide-and-treat by placing treats around the house, before releasing your dog to go find them. You can also set up a home-made snuffle mat or try some of our other enrichment ideas out!

Have you heard of SniffSpot?

This app allows people to offer their yards or fields for pet parents to rent for part of the day. This is a great alternative for those who don’t have a fenced-in area of their own to allow their dog some off-leash outdoor time. Since they are private areas, you can feel comfortable bringing your pet’s favorite toys and treats along. Don’t forget to pack a water bottle for you and your pup! Click here to find a SniffSpot near you.

Visit dog-friendly parks near you

What’s the difference between a dog park and a dog friendly one? Dog parks are usually busy, with many dogs in one small area where they are allowed to roam off leash. Dog-friendly parks require dogs to be on leash while they are visiting, and they tend to have less dogs visiting at one time. Dog-friendly parks are great areas to practice your recall and loose leash walking training. Bring a long leash with you, and you can even play some fetch!

If you live in the Miami-Dade area, here is a list of dog friendly parks in our county:


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