The Dog Walk: Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

Focus on Your Dog

Being aware of your surroundings while on your dog walk will keep you both safe. If you are distracted by a phone call, text message, Facebook or music you will likely miss something potentially dangerous to one or both of you such as your dog eating something off the ground, an oncoming dog or an approaching stranger. 

The purpose of your dog walk should be spending quality time with your dog, so enjoy.

 Don’t Let Your Dog off Leash

Even if your dog has a totally reliable recall, letting them off leash can be dangerous. All it takes is for them to see another dog, a cat or something else that makes them run off.

Other Dogs Can be a Problem

While your dog may love other dogs that other dog may not be so friendly. In the interest of safety it is best to keep your dog away from others.

Even if the owner of the other dog seems to think it’s alright for the dogs to meet, no one asked the dogs. Play it safe.

Make the Walk Fun!

Walking your dog should not be a chore it should be a fun adventure for both of you. So, stay alert but enjoy!

Bring Water Along

You should always bring water along for both you and your dog. Even when the temperatures are a bit cooler it is important for everyone to stay hydrated.

When it is very hot outside, staying hydrated is especially important. You can find collapsible bowls at your local pet supply store, so you can share a drink with your dog.

Never Leave Your Dog Alone

 It only takes a minute for your dog to be stolen or harmed, so never leave your dog alone. There are always heartbreaking stories of dogs that are missing and their owner only left them for a brief moment.  Don’t take the chance!

Keep an Eye on Where They Are Sniffing

You never know what people have thrown out of their car window or just dropped on the grass. Chicken seems to be the lunch of choice down here as we cannot count the number of times we have found chicken bones on the ground just out of nose length for our charges.

If you use a regular leash such as a four or six foot lead you are more likely to keep your dog away from some potential danger on the ground. Using a retractable leash gives you much less control.

Watch Where Your Dog is Walking

Broken glass is everywhere, so keep your eyes looking ahead of where your dog is walking. There are so many things on the ground that can hurt your dog’s paws.

Keep to Well Lit Areas

The safety of you and your dog is important. Walk your dog in areas that are well lit.

Walking in areas that are dark or underpopulated puts you at risk for falls or worse.

Be present with your dog and you will both enjoy the walk much more.

Can Dances with Dogs Help?

If you are looking for someone to do off leash runs with your dog, then no we probably can’t help. We feel that in order to keep your dog safe we need to have 100% control. We will only walk your dog on leash. We are also very particular as to where we walk your dog and therefore we do not visit dog parks or other places where dogs might be off leash.