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At Dances with Dogs, we are the top choice for dog walking and pet sitting services in Cutler Bay Florida. Our professional pet services include dog obedience training and potty training. We provide professional dog walking services, pet sitting including cat sitting. We are one of a few places in the Miami area that provide pet first aid training. These classes are quickly growing more and more popular and can help you save your pet’s life. What our clients love best about us is the way we treat their animals. We believe in treating each pet like it’s our own and give pets the love they deserve when their owners are not home.

Obedience Training for Dogs

Training a dog takes time, consistency and patience. All three of these traits are required for a successfully trained dog. Many people are surprised when they find out that we have to train dog owners as much as we have to train the dog. We train everything from puppies that need to learn how to potty train, to dogs with behavioral problems. We train all sizes and breeds of dogs. Our trainers are licensed and certified professional dog trainers that love what they do. We use force free training techniques that put the animal’s needs first and deliver results. Contact us for more information.

Dog Walking

Looking for a dog walker you can trust? We have you covered. Our friendly staff will be sure your dog will get out and get the exercise they need each day. We don’t just walk your pets, we reinforce good manners. This is just one reason why we are a popular choice for dog walking services in Cutler Bay, FL. We can take your dog on daily or weekly walks, whatever your schedule requires. Call us to learn more about our dog walking services in Cutler Bay, Florida.

Pet Sitting

We offer professional pet sitting services in Cutler Bay. Our pet sitting visits include refreshing your pet’s food and water, walking dogs to get them their exercise, potty breaks, scooping litter boxes, playtime and most importantly, tons of attention! Going out of town on business or vacation? Don’t worry about your pets, leave them to us! Our clients love our pet sitting services when they leave town. This way their animals are well cared for while they’re away. Our pet sitting services mean that the animals get to enjoy their home like usual an avoid spending time locked in a kennel. Contact us for more information.

Cat Sitting

At Dances with Dogs, we loves cats, and enjoy visiting them each day. We make sure they always have plenty of food, water and of course love and attention. Never worry about cleaning a litter box again. We can watch your cats during the day while you are at work or while you’re out of town. Contact us to learn more about our cat sitting services.

At Dances with Dogs, we offer a variety of professional pet services to care for your pets. For more information or pricing contact us today.

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