How You Can Help Your Local Pet Rescues in Miami This Christmas

Four abandoned black and tan puppies

Pet rescues in Miami help homeless puppies.

The holiday season is upon us and while we are thinking about what gifts to buy this year, the pet rescues in Miami are starting to feel the pinch as peoples’ dollars are moved away from donations and towards gifts for family and friends. But this is the time of year when rescues need us the most. Their expenses don’t change, they will actually go up after the first of the year when all of the unwanted puppies and kittens given as Christmas gifts are relinquished or worse, dumped on the streets. These are the unsung heroes that are out on the streets feeding, trapping, getting sick and injured animals medical attention, taking in hospice dogs, and trying to find homes for the unwanted.

There are so many things you can do to help. Here are just a few ideas:

Monetary Donation

Every rescue has never-ending veterinary and food expenses among other costs that arise every day. All Pet rescues in Miami rely on donations from the public in order to keep helping the animals in need.


Rescues go through an amazing number of sheets and towels. These don’t have to be new. Take a little time and clean out that linen closet that is overflowing with items you don’t use any more. Dog beds are always needed and appreciated. Food and toys are another great way to help. While a lot of the rescues do get some help from local pet supply stores and pet food company for food, toys are a luxury but are so important for the enrichment of these animals while they wait for loving homes. And don’t forget the treats. Even rescue pets deserve treats.


The pet rescues in Miami are always looking for people who can donate their time. Whether you want to go out and help feed, walk a few shelter dogs, or help fundraise, there is always work to be done. Maybe you can host a fundraising event in your home.


Follow the pet rescues in Miami on Facebook and share their posts. You never know what that one share can do for an animal. As they say, sharing is caring.


Do you have a little extra room where a homeless pet could crash until it finds a new home? Some rescues only need temporary fosters until the pet can be transported to its new home. A dog or cat that can live in a home is more likely to get adopted.


Adoption is what pet rescues in Miami are all about. Finding loving homes for unwanted pets. If you have a little room in your home and a little love in your heart adopting an unwanted pet is the best way to help.

Pet Rescues in Miami You Can Help This Christmas

There are some many wonderful rescues in Miami, we can’t list them all, but if you would like to add a rescue to the list please do so in the comments.

This list is in alphabetical order. We have given you a short description of what they do and a link to their website and/or Facebook page. All Miami animal rescues listed are non-profit organizations.

100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

While their rescue house is located in Broward County this team rescues so many dogs out of Miami that I would be remiss if I did not include them. Their FACEBOOK PAGE is filled with heartwarming videos and you can view their current dogs up for adoption on their WEBSITE.

Community Pet Rescue

This wonderful organization rescues lost and abandoned pets from the streets of Miami. They do not have a shelter and rely solely on volunteers to foster.

Click HERE to learn how you can get involved and see some of the beautiful pets up for adoption. And don’t forget to go to their FACEBOOK PAGE and share, share, share!

Fairy Tails Adoptions

Since 2002 the Stanley J. Halpern Foundation has been rescuing unwanted pets and placing them in loving homes. All of their dogs are child and cat-friendly. Run by Donna Halpern the foundation is always in need of monetary donations as well as towels and sheets, food, cleaning supplies and more. Clean out those linen closets!

To learn more about this rescue and to make a donation click HERE. And sharing is caring, so click HERE for a link to their Facebook page

Jamie’s Rescue

Here is another one-woman show. Run by Jamie Robinson, Jamie’s rescue takes in unwanted dogs and puppies from the streets of Miami.

Click HERE to visit their website and see how you can help. And, of course, HERE is their Facebook page so you can share.

Miami Animal Rescue

Another small rescue doing its best to help the homeless pets of Miami. They not only work to rescue but to educate. Their website can be found HERE and you can click HERE for their Facebook Page.

Paws 4 You

This rescue has an actual shelter and holds open houses twice per month. They are always looking for walkers, fosters and other volunteers.

If you would like to learn more about their mission click HERE. Their Facebook page can be found by clicking HERE.

Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project

This rescue goes out into the deep unpopulated areas of Miami and feeds countless numbers of dogs and cats who have been discarded like trash. They do this day in and day out no matter how hot, rainy or mosquito infested. The last I heard they were using almost 400 pounds of dog food per day. They are always looking for people to help feed the abandoned pets a well a food and monetary donations.

Want to learn more about their mission? Click HERE. And once again, click HERE for their Facebook page and share away!

This Is The Dog

This is a small rescue in Homestead who does big work. They rely on volunteers and fosters to help them continue their mission. Click HERE for their website or HERE for their Facebook page to share with your friends.

Xtreme Rescue

This amazing rescue takes in the elderly, the sick and the terminal dogs that no one wants. They are always in need of donations to continue to provide veterinary care for the dogs in their care.

Click HERE for their Facebook page to learn more about their work. Don’t forget to share!

If we have missed a pet rescue in Miami please share them in the comments.








Things to Consider Before You Get A Pet This Christmas

Cute pets wearing Santa Hats

Should You Really Get Pet This Christmas?

It seems perfect, right? The family has been talking about getting a pet why not surprise them? The kids need more responsibility, a pet would be the perfect way to give them that. But it’s not always perfect. Here are some things to consider before you get a pet this Christmas.

#1. Does Everyone Want A Pet?

Before you set out to get a pet you might want to make sure everyone is on board with the idea. Everyone should also agree on what kind of pet your family might want. While you are thinking of a cute little kitten, your family is thinking more along the lines of a Golden Retriever.

#2.  Aren’t you Already Busy?

Christmas is a very busy time of year for everyone. There is shopping to do, presents to wrap, parties to attend, and family to entertain. And what about after the holidays? There is work, school events, afterschool programs, and so much more. Puppies and kittens require a lot of work! Are you going to able to add that to your schedule? Puppies need training, playtime and frequent potty breaks. Kittens need playtime too, as well as training (yes, I said training). Routine is important for any animal, so make sure you can keep your pet on a regular schedule before you get a pet this Christmas.

#3. Holiday Visitors

Christmas is a particularly hectic time with family and friends dropping by to celebrate and exchange gifts. Your doors will continually be opening and closing. This is the perfect opportunity for your new puppy or kitten to get lost in the shuffle of Christmas celebrations.

#4. Cost

Those cute little furry kittens and puppies can cost a lot of money, so make sure you take all costs into consideration before adding a puppy or kitten to your home. Here are a few things to think about:

Veterinary care – From initial vaccinations to monthly heartworm treatment. There is also the accident or illness that may happen. And don’t forget your pet requires a yearly check-up just like you.

Supplies – There’s food, toys, beds, carriers, treats, leashes, bowls, collars and so much more.

Daily care – If you decide to get a puppy what will you do with that puppy every day that you are at work and the kids are in school? Puppies need to get out to go potty and eat in the middle of the day. If you can’t come home during the day, you will have to hire a dog walker to come in to care for your puppy while you are at work. Kittens also need a lot of personal interaction and feedings, so unless you already have other pets in the house and open feeding your kitten will need attention during the day also. A pet sitter is a great way to socialize your kitten as well as provide much-needed playtime and food.

This list only scratches the surface of the costs that can arise.

#5. Are You in It For the Long Haul?

So you get a pet this Christmas, but it will be with you for many Christmases to come. A dog or cat is a long-term commitment. Our shelters are overflowing as it is and after the holidays it gets worse. Pets are not something to play with on Christmas break and the discard at the animal shelter when it gets too difficult or costly.

Cats and dogs can live for 20+ years. Are you willing to make that commitment? What are your future plans? Are you moving? Traveling? Planning a family? How will your pet fit into your life not only now, but in the future?

#6. Do You Have Other Pets?

Before you get a pet this Christmas, take the pets you already have into consideration? Christmas time is very stressful for everyone, including your pets. It might be a good idea to wait until after the holidays, when everything has calmed down, before adding another pet to your family. How will your current pets accept a new pet into the family? Remember, most of your pet care costs are going to double when you add another pet to the family.  

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to get a pet this Christmas, please consider adopting from your local rescue or animal shelter after the Christmas holiday. This will give your pet time to adjust to its new environment and you will be saving a life. Millions of unwanted pets are euthanized each year across the United States. These unwanted pets are wonderful animals (I know I have six) who just need a family to love them. Most rescues and shelters offer gift certificates and you can make it a fun family outing after the holidays, while still giving the kids something to open on Christmas day.

How can Dances with Dogs help? Our Professional Pet Services can take some of the pressure off your busy schedule as well as help you with training your new dog or cat. Contact us!





Black Dog Syndrome: What It Is and Why You Should Care

close up of a black dog on a black background.

A black dog is less likely to get adopted.

October 1st is National Black Dog Day, but thousands of black dogs sit in shelters across the country overlooked and unadopted. How could that be? Black dogs are just as wonderful as white dogs, or brown dogs, or grey dogs or fawn colored dogs or spotted dogs. Could it be Black Dog Syndrome?

What is Black Dog Syndrome?

I remember speaking with a friend who does dog rescue a few years back. She was out with a beautiful black lab mix puppy. I asked about the puppy and she proceeded to tell me that he had just been returned to her because the adopter’s husband felt the dog had the mark of the devil because he was black. I was stunned. Here was a beautiful, smart puppy who was returned because he was a certain color!

This is part of Black Dog Syndrome.

According to a study done by less-adoptable dogs are listed on their site four times longer than other dogs. What dogs are considered less-adoptable dogs? Senior dogs, dogs with special needs and black dogs. This survey included other pets too.

Why Does Black Dog Syndrome Happen?

While there is no clear proof as to why Black Dog Syndrome happens, it may as simple as the features of black dogs are harder to see, so they look unfriendly. I know that I have more difficulty taking pictures of black dogs than I do taking pictures of lighter dogs. Black, in general, is often equated with evil and bad luck. Look at the villains in old Western movies, they wear the “black hat” while the hero of the movie wears the “white hat”. Then there is black magic. Let’s face it, some people tend to associate black with bad.

What Can You Do?

Well, you could adopt a black dog, but if that is not an option to spread the word. Tell your friends and family about Black Dog Syndrome. If people are aware of the issue they can work to fix it. It may just be that you tell someone who was just getting ready to add a dog to their family and now they are on an active hunt to make that new family member a black dog. Awareness works! If you are a great photographer, volunteer at your local shelter to take pictures and show black dogs in a different light. When your local shelters post pictures of black dogs up for adoption, share those pictures on social media.