Services and Fees


Dog Walking:

Katie Casell walking dogsDuring our dog walks we give your dog not only the opportunity to relieve himself/herself, but also the opportunity to get valuable exercise or just stop and smell the “roses”. A tired dog is a good dog and just like exercise relieves stress in people it also relieves stress in dogs. So whether you work long hours or are just busy with the everyday chores of life, Dances with Dogs, Inc. will give your dog(s) the walk time they need.

Potty Break (up to 20 minutes):

$20.00 per visit

Standard Walk (30 minutes):

$25.00 per visit 4-5 days per week

Deluxe Walk (45 minutes):

$30.00 per visit

* Rates apply to single dog households. There is a $4.00 charge for each additional dog (up to 3 dogs per walk). For dogs that need to be walked separately there will be an additional $10.00 charge.

*** If at any time Dances with Dogs, Inc. feels that your dog(s) are in distress due to heat exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration, or for any other reason, the walk will be cut short.  However, the amount of time spent with your pet will remain the same.

Pet Sitting visits:

Most pets do best when left in their own environment with all the familiar smells of you, their favorite sleeping spots and their favorite foods and treats. We will visit your pet(s) as many times per day as you would like and for the length of time you think is best for you. We will try to keep your pet(s) as close to their regular routine as we possibly can. We offer the following during our scheduled pet sitting visits:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Treats as instructed
  • Potty break or walk
  • Play
  • Litter box scooping
  • Accident clean up
  • Medication given
  • Newspaper, mail and package retrieval
  • Trash put out
  • Lights and blinds rotated
  • Indoor plants watered
  • Pet beds fluffed and straightened
  • Lots of love for your pets!!!

Potty Break (20 minutes):

$20.00 per visit (minimum 2 visits per day)*

Standard Pet Sitting (30 minutes):

$25.00 per visit* (2 visits per day required for dogs)

Deluxe Pet Sitting (45 minutes):

$30.00 per visit* (2 visits per day required for dogs)

*Rates apply to single pet households. Additional pets will be charged at: $4.00 per dog ($10.00 for dogs that need to be walked separately), $2.00 per cat, $1.00 per small fish tank or small caged pet. Exotic pets will be charged according to the pet’s needs (please call to schedule a consultation.)

Overnight Pet Sitting (in your home):

If your pet(s) needs more than the occasional visit or just doesn’t like to sleep alone, Dances with Dogs, Inc. can help by offering our overnight stays. You get everything offered with our pet sitting visits plus the peace of mind knowing there is someone there with your pets and home at night.

Your pet sitter will have other pets to care for during the day which is why we offer you a minimum service to ensure your pets get the best quality care. There may be times when your sitter can spend even more time with your pet than is stated.

Overnight pet sitting is offered on a limited basis therefore, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit when making your reservation. Please understand that once our overnight pet sitters are booked we must turn down any further requests.

$75.00 per night.

Overnight pet sitting includes arrival for standard pet care between 4-7pm, arrival for the night between 9-10pm, standard morning pet care and departure between 6-9am. Any midday visits will be charged at our regular pet sitting rates. Overnight rates include up to three household pets, please call for rates on multiple pet households.

Additional Services:

Pet Transport to or from Veterinarian only:

$35.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Shopping service:

$25.00 per trip plus cost of supplies (maximum 10 items)

This service includes pet supplies and/or cleaning supplies needed if not properly stocked in your home.

House Checks:

$18.00 per visit

Other Various Fees:

Key pick-up or return:

$18.00 (Only charged if keys are not supplied at initial interview or if client wants keys returned after visits are completed.)

Emergency Care:

$15.00 additional charge if client requests service with less than 6 hours’ notice.


$15.00 per day additional charge*

*Holidays include New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4TH of July.

Cancellation fees:

Pet Sitting Visits: (50% of total) with notice of 48 hours or less.

Pet Sitting Visits: (100% of total) with notice of 24 hours or less.

Holiday Pet Sitting: (100% of total) with notice of 14 days or less.

Overnight Pet Sitting: (100% of total) with notice of 14 days or less.

Daily Dog Walking (cost of walk) with notice of 24 hours or less.

Additional interviews or consultations:

$25.00 per 45 minutes.

Ask about our gift certificates.